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Dan Wolfe, Class of ’65, who has given so much to Fairview High School by writing and telling the life stories of many of our teachers and staff over the years as well as being instrumental on this web site lost the love of his life, Linda, Jan.19.





Sad to inform all of you that Charles Wade passed away December 2, 2018

Charles Wade Obituary



FHS ’65 Class Lunch
September 27, 2018  

We had a lively time at our Outback luncheon on September 27. We had some surprise showups, which we always welcome. There are quite a few FHS ‘65ers that are local who should come and shoot the bull with the rest of us

Ginny Dixon and Julie Thweatt

Bob Rhoades, Ann Keeny, Kathy Swank

Donna Bloom, Dan Wolfe, Susie Fisher

Stan, Kathy Swank’s husband, John Howdeshelt, Fred Weaver

Cheri Beck and Ann Keeny

Bob Rhoades and Jim Poe


One Man’s Trash


Dan Wolfe

Back in the autumn of 2010, it was clear to see that the days of the building we knew as Fairview High
School were coming to an end.
Ever since 1982, when the building closed as a high school, many of the small bits and pieces of her
tangible history were stored in that small closet just off the cafeteria. That space also served as the coat
check for the auditorium via the lobby.
Before the nice weather went south, Jeri Jones Bland, Bill Kistner and I took the opportunity to visit the
school and, with the permission of the powers that be, time-capsuled our way through the contents of
that room. There were file cabinets, ancient cheerleader and Scotchette uniforms, awards and trophies,
lost-and-found detritus and a number of paintings.
There was way too much to do justice in one short visit, but a few items caught our attention. One in
particular was an original painting done by Milton Wright, a grand nephew of Orville and Wilbur. Milton
Wright was a 1938 graduate of Fairview. In 1950, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Fairview as
a school, Wright was commissioned by the class of 1950 to prepare a painting to be given as the class
gift, commemorating the event. That’s a lot of history in one fell swoop.
The artwork was entitled Pont Neuf and The Louvre. As graduates of Fairview, I’ll guess you might
imagine what was depicted. In our time there in the early ‘60s, the painting hung in the reception area of
the office. Trust me, I know these things.
Come spring 2011, the building was being cleared of its contents to make ready for its fate with the
wrecking ball. And on the occasion of a final farewell visit, I saw a dumpster in the cafeteria, over near
the aforementioned closet. There in the midst of trash, demolition debris and items of no particular
notice, as if trying to escape from such ignominy, was that same painting, now somewhat the worse for
wear by virtue of being tossed into the dumpster with some pointy and heavy things as neighbors.
An hour or so later, as I was preparing to leave, I doubled back to the cafeteria to see if the painting was
still there. But now, the entire dumpster was gone. As I had parked out in the interior courtyard, I went
to my car and happened on one of those enormous trash receptacles that get carried off to the landfill.
And yes, the Wright painting was inside. Never one to let propriety stand in my way, I climbed inside,
grabbed it and drove home.
“Honest, Officer … it’s part of a scavenger hunt.”
Fast forward to 2018, when I contacted the Carillon Historical Park to see if they were interested in the
painting … as they are all about the history of Dayton and the Wright family. Yes, this would be the same
Carillon Historical Park that was ready, willing and able to be the home for Fairview’s iconic Metcalf
stained glass windows … only to have smarter people than you and I intervene and place them at the
nascent pre-k to 8 school at Elsmere Dr. and Hillcrest Ave.
So on a fine July day, the painting was gifted to a grateful CHP and accepted by Gwen Haney, one of
their conservators. Present at the time were Susi Sower Hansen, Lynne Hill Dodson, Ann Keeny
Simpson and Dan Wolfe. The painting will be TLC’d and become part of the permanent exhibit.
P.S. Were I a person of lesser character and possessed of a glass-half-empty spirit, I would likely
comment here that Dayton Public Schools had, when absconding with the windows, the bulldog and the
Four Freedoms reliefs, assured all concerned that they were indeed the honest broker and worthy
stewards of our legacy.


Kristine Jacobs Simelda gives us an update from the Dominica

Hello Fairview-ites! For us baby boomers, it seemed like the happy days would never end. But as we now know, it’s the difficult times that present the greatest chances to grow and develop inner strength. Thus the passage of Hurricane Maria was a golden opportunity for me. If anyone is interested in what it’s like to survive a Category 5 hurricane on an island that has little infrastructure and no plan to deal with cataclysmic natural disaster, read on… Maria, Maria



Sadly, two more classmates passed away these last few weeks. Tom Ruttman and  Vickie DeShayes Hicks-Bailey. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.



Rest in peace, dear friend,

Bill Wheeler

Died: July 1, 2018 

“He was the Best of us all.”

WHEELER, William B. “Bill” Age 70 of Dayton, passed away peacefully at home on Sunday, July 1, 2018. He was a 1965 graduate of Fairview High School and a 1969 graduate of Bowling Green State University. Bill retired from the Dayton Bar Association as Executive Director in 2017. He was a longtime member of Miami Valley Golf Club. Preceded in death by his parents Bob and Eleanor Wheeler. Survived by his wife of 48 years Charlene (Carroll) Wheeler, daughter Mollie of Cincinnati, son Mark (Janet) of Cincinnati, brother Thomas (Julia) of Dayton. A memorial celebration of Bill’s Life will be held 2 p.m. Saturday at the Miami Valley Golf Club 3311 Salem Ave. Dayton, OH 45406. A reception will follow the service, and the family requests guests dress casually. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to a charity of one’s choice in Bill’s memory. Online condolences for the family may be sent to www.bakerhazelsnider.com.

Published in Dayton Daily News on July 4, 2018




Scenes from the latest Luncheon!

(Credit Dan with the captions…)

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Dan Wolfe takes us down memory lane with an enjoyable story about yet another wonderful teacher, Mr. Reynolds


Dan Wolfe has given us another of his wonderful pieces, a true love story…“Once a teacher” 





The below pictures have eluded us for many years until a perchance lunch with several FHS Alums took place.  Not knowing the other had gone to Fairview, one thing led to another and someone mentioned their high school and that their parents owned The Mascot.  This wonderful world of ours keeps getting smaller and smaller.  It’s that Sixth Degree of Separation we know about that proves itself to be true over and over. 

Dan Wolfe, a Fairview Elementary graduate, has opened our eyes to what our earlier years were like in elementary school.  So many forgotten memories from those years are brought alive in

“Growing Up Fairview.”



On September 13th, 2016, a great group of 18 FHS Alum met for lunch at the
Outback in Centerville, Ohio.  This is the first time we’ve tried this type of
activity and it won’t be the last.  Our conversations ranged from all about Us to
all about Our children and grandchildren.  We tried to keep politics out of it, although when we needed a good laugh, someone brought it up.  Enjoy the
Seated on the right side: Carroll Murry Dalton, Ginny Dixon Hertvik, John Howdeshelt and Julia Thweatt Fasick
Seated on the left side: Marty Mapp Ginter, Carol Furrey Snyder, and Linda Little Lewis
Standing left to right:  Bruce Downing, Susi Sower Hansen, Bill Wheeler, Kathy Swank Hadjuk, Dave Boreen, Donna Bloom James, Lynne Hill Dodson, Susie Fisher Langley, Cheri Beck Brown, Alan Donaldson and Dan Wolfe

The Reunion Committee and the Website Group, www.fairview65.org, got together for lunch in the Grill Room at the Miami Valley Golf Club on April 19th, just to stay in touch and to thank them for such a well done job on our 50th Reunion. In the picture from L to R: Bill Wheeler, Susi Sower (Hansen), Julie Thweatt (Fasick), John Howdeshelt, Glory Cox (Meade) and Dan Wolfe. Bart Weprin and Al Donaldson left earlier so they missed the photo op.



The Reunion Committee and the Website Group, www.fairview65.org, got together for lunch in the Grill Room at the Miami Valley Golf Club on April 19th, just to stay in touch and to thank them for such a well done job on our 50th Reunion. In the picture from L to R: Bill Wheeler, Susi Sower (Hansen), Julie Thweatt (Fasick), John Howdeshelt, Glory Cox (Meade) and Dan Wolfe. Bart Weprin and Al Donaldson left earlier so they missed the photo op.


Keeping the Friendship Alive!

Gang of

Gang of 6, taken at the Pine Club, following the Friday night event of the reunion. We all had such a good time together at the 50th Reunion we decided to meet up again in Savannah where Jim lives.


Taken when Jim Battin, Sally Tullis Elliott and I met up last week in Savannah, Georgia along with our respective partners– taken at the Old Pink House Restaurant in historic downtown Savannah (Tom Elliott, Bert Wallace (Jim’s lady friend), Jim, Charlene, Me and Sally)


We are up and running right now, with plans to add items, articles and pictures that you’d like to see.  A lot of us are grandparents…let’s see some of those grandkids (with you in the picture of course).  We love our pets…We would love to see you with them.

If you are holding any memorabilia and would like to share with the rest of us, please send any and all pictures to me, Susi Sower Hansen at tssbjh@aol.com


Check out Fairview/Meadowdale Rivalry…a great memory of a Freshman football player, aka Bill Wheeler, dressing for Fairview’s FIRST game against Meadowdale…a proud and humbling experience,


“Uphold its priceless honor

And hail old dear Fairview!”


The Fairview Class of 1965 held its 50th Reunion in August 2015, a weekend filled with reminiscing, renewal of friendships, sharing stories and remembering dear old Fairview.

During the Saturday evening program, classmate, Dan Wolfe, delivered a riveting review of our years there in his unique and eloquent style.  For those of us who have visited and combed over the website of our friends in the class of 1966, we are introduced to Dan’s writing style and his dedication to the legacy of Fairview.  We may even have read the book Dan authored, Understanding, Fairview High School, 1960’s Dayton, Ohio, featured on the Fairview Bulldogs 66 website and on our 65 website as well.  Through photographs and his sentimental perspective, Understanding introduces us to the Fairview we may never have known before.  With Dan’s ability to reflect upon dear old Fairview as much more than merely bricks and mortar… we embrace and understand OUR Fairview, with its spirit and soul.

Now, with encouragement from Susi Sower Hansen, the creator of our class’ very own website Fairview65.org, Dan has authored a blog in the same vein as Understanding.   With a number of fascinating entries, featuring historical facts, photographs and his wonderful writing style, Dan not only helps us understand, he breathes life into that wonderful building we all remember so fondly.


Bill Wheeler                                                                                                             

Please read and enjoy.

Bruiser’s Revenge blog

Authored by Dan Wolfe, FHS 65’ 



We are fortunate to have a new blog post and a short story by Kristine Jacobs Simelda on the site, CARIB BEING and Brother .Well done!
Also, Dan Wolfe gives us a look back in time with Once Upon A Time Capsule“. …A great read!


Is your memory of Fairview still vivid?  At times do you feel like you could reach out and the grand old lady would be as she was in the 1960s?
Rediscover her and learn more about Fairview than you may have known during your four years there.  A new book is now available about Fairview High School that has been in the making for a number of years.  Understanding (Fairview High School, 1960s, Dayton, Ohio) is hardback, full color, 102 pages with 200 images.  Take a giant step back and have an in-depth conversation with Fairview.  Enjoy images that may be fading from your mind.  Understand her.
Written by Dan Wolfe, Class of 1965, this book is a definite keepsake!  Layout and design by Jeri Jones Bland, ‘66.  Photos were taken by Charles Schommer, ’44; Tom McLefresh, ’62; Jim Lied, ’62; Robert Hauff, ’63; Dan Wolfe, ‘65 and Jeri Jones Bland, ’66.  Many others also donated photos and memorabilia or responded to the Legacy Project questionnaire.
The book is available to you at cost directly from our online printer.  (NO compensation of any kind goes to any alumni involved with creating this book.)  The printer’s current cost is $48.39 plus shipping.  To order and to view a preview of the book, please click on the printer’s direct link  http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3214610 .  Or view their website at www.blurb.com/bookstore and enter Understanding in the search bar.   IMPORTANT NOTE:  $48.39 is blurb.com‘s pricing at the date of this posting and is subject to change without notice.


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