50th Reunion News

The 50th Reunion was better than we could have hoped for.  Alumni came from around the world to attend this weekend.  If you were there, you know what is meant by “better than we could have hoped for.”  Hugs, laughter, and tears were shared by so many.  The highlighted speakers did a wonderful job of entertaining us and enlightening our FHS history with memories.  The evening went by so quickly, we parted vowing to remain in touch and looking forward to our next reunion in the Year 2020.




                  Fairport Group


                      Loos Group

Fairview Elementary

      Fairview Elementary Group


                Gettysburg Group

Cornell Heights

             Cornell Heights Group

Connie Hartley and Sally Tullis

Sally Tullis and Coni Hartley


Dee Clingman, Sally and Bill
Sally, Bill, Connie’s husband,
Wayne, Sally’s husband, Tom and Dee Clingman


Fairview Reunion -Cornell Heights gang

Donna Miller, Cathy Weisman, Bill Wheeler,
Jill Goffstein, and Sally Tullis


Barbara Kent, Bill Wheeler, Maureen Kuppin,
Judy Rich and Bart Weprin


Jim Battin, Sally Tullis and Jo Marks

Kay Needham and Jill Goffstein

Dale VanKirks wife and Bill Wheeler
(forefront)Kay Needham and Jill Golfstein



Sally Tullis, Bill Wheeler and Jo Marks

Cheri Beck and Susi Sower

Cheri Beck Brown and
Susi Sower Hansen


Ken and Tina Rice

Jim Swank

Jim Swank, President of ’65 Class


FHS 50th reunion photo w_#s

FHS 50th reunion final names

So many of our friends split off to other high schools…below is Colonel White’s 50th Reunion picture with names.  See if you recognize some of them.


Kristine Jacobs Simelda has chosen to live in paradise, Roseau, Dominica West Indies.  How lucky for anyone to find their paradise in this lifetime.  Warm climate, sparkling beaches, friendly faces, and yet even paradise cannot hide from Mother Nature.  This is what she encountered upon her return home from our 50th Reunion.  WHY?ERICA!

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